Maximize the culinary potential and process management of your kitchen

With JANBY Track you will be able to record different menu recipes and elaboration programs to automate the service moment by reducing the dependancy on te Chef and operators in the kitchen.

Thanks to the Cloud connectivity you can centralsie the differentiating knowledge and follow up what is going on in your different kitchens.

Centralised recipes
Reduction of the dependancy on the Chef
Analysis of errors and events per elaboration
Historic log of the supply and demand

Offer wider menu options and a multisensory experience by keeping efficiency

The Sous-Vide technique allows maximization of the product quality as food is cooked in hermetically sealed bags that preserve all: nutrients, colors, aromas and flavour. As well as extending shelf life.

It allows pre-cooking big productions and the conservation for the latter regeneration. All of this without affecting the quality of the product and making the service moment much more efficient.

We understand the challenges you face


Establishment atomization


Disparity of menus


Decentralised management


Complex elaborations

Through a monthly subscription you can get the JANBY Track solution that better answers to your needs

If you are looking for a complete solution to start offering Sous-Vide based menus or if you simply want to regenerate already cooked products we recommend you the Starter Pack. This includes the necessary elements: our tablet, the Track Core license and Sous-Vide equipment.

With the Track Core liscence you will be able to standardize recipes and control every potion that you put inside the water tank individally and simultaneously through the JANBY Tags. Our software will assist you in the pasteurization of products and will generate historic records of what has happened throughout the process.


Sous-Vide Starter (all included)

All the necessary hardware and software equipment to start cooking Sous-Vide. It includes the JANBY Track with the CORE liscence, a SAMMIC Smartvide7 and a SAMMIC water tank of 28 l. This equipment is great for low or medium production facilities.


Janby Track Core (only tablet)

If you already have a SAMMIC SmartVide, you can separately get our JANBY Track liscence to digitalize your elaborations. JANBY Track is prepared to comunicate with your equipment.

Starting at 129€/month

Other Sous-Vide plans

For kitchens with a bigger production o simply a kitchen with different needs, we offer more Sous-Vide and liscence plans. Get to know what we offer.


Indepedent Restaurants


Indepedent Hotels


Indepedent Hospitals

Business cases

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