The JANBY Track at Gastvrij Rotterdam

22/09/2021 / Awards / janby-admin.

This week JANBY has been present at Gastvrij Rotterdam at Bidfood NL space next to Kitchen Create. During the 3 days that the trade show took place the visitors have been able to discover a completely new system that together with Bidfood’s products makes it the perfect solution for professional kitchens. The restaurant industry in […]


The digitalization of the Sous-Vide process

25/08/2021 / Digitalization / janby-admin.

What is the Sous-Vide technique? Sous-vide is a culinary technique that maintains the integrity of food by heating it for long periods of time at relatively low temperatures. The Sous-Vide process The Sous-Vide process consists of placing raw or pre-cooked food in a watertight and heat-resistant container, extracting the air from inside, sealing it hermetically […]


The digitalization of RTE products

10/06/2021 / Digitalization / janby-admin.

Digitalization has come to stay, especially in those historically traditional sectors such as the restaurant industry. The sanitary crisis has undeniably worsened the need of structural changes, in this article we will see how the RTE products, and their digitalization offer huge scale economics and reduce the need of qualified workforce in order to face […]


Business case: Foodit Catering Ibiza

03/06/2021 / Business case / janby-admin.

What is Foodit Ibiza?  Foodit Catering Ibiza was corn from a passion for food, which they believe to be an expression of their culture and life. Good cuisine, whether it is Mediterranean, Asian or Vegetarian, makes each of their events unique. To achieve so, they count on a team of chefs that hold the internationally […]


Food safety when cooking at low temperatures

22/04/2021 / Pasteurization / janby-admin.

Is it save to serve chicken cooked at 63ºC? When first discovering the Sous-Vide cooking technique, is relatively common to question yourself wether it is safe to cook chicken at 63ºC. In this article we want to analyze in detail the cooking process at low temperatures, not only form the classic Time/Temperature table stand point, […]


JANBY awarded as the most innovative startup in the hospitality sector

12/04/2021 / Awards / janby-admin.

The 22nd of March 2021 the whole JANBY team visited the HIP-Horeca Professional expo, a professional trade show focused on innovation at the hospitality sector. Our CEO, Jon Markina, presented the JANBY Track through an elevator pitch at the ¨III Digital Gastronomy & Hospitality Startup Forum¨, promoted by the Basque Culinary Center. At this forum, […]


Business case: Maruka

05/02/2021 / Business case / janby-admin.

Maruka gastro is the latest proyect of Chef Enrique Fleischmann, located at the heart of Getaria, is a Gastrobar aimed to provide a simple, fun and tasty menu. The offer is based in the Sous-Vide cooking technique and food regeneration enabled by the latest 4.0 kitchen solution. The vacuum and low temperatures are the foundations […]

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